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Main activities


  • metals, plastics, composites
  • processing technology
  • consultancy, expertise, supervision
  • analysis of damage
  • quantification of defects


  • accredited laboratories
  • CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • certificate from General Electric


  • testing organization
  • inspection of welded structures
  • certification of welded components

Technology and production

  • own research realization
  • own development
  • treatment of fluoroplasts and magnets

Strength laboratory

Laboratoř PEVNOSTI

The laboratory conducts experimental research, development, testing and consultancy in the field of increasing reliability, reducing the material costs of structures and components exposed to static and dynamic stress under different conditions.

Corrosion laboratory

Laboratoř PEVNOSTI

The laboratory has six special furnaces equipped with muffles made of chemically resistant gas-tight ceramics. The furnaces are unique in their capacity. They allow long-term tests in aggressive gaseous environments, including under-run tests.

Creep laboratory

Laboratoř PEVNOSTI

The laboratory is one of the leading centers of applied research in the field of metallic materials and its work is focused mainly on chemical engineering and energy.

The Magnet Department is engaged in research, development, production and applications of permanent magnets.



The welding department has a long tradition of testing and certifying welding personnel and expert expertise.
The department is engaged in the study and testing of plastics and polymer composites and fluoroplast technologies.

Polymers and fluoroplastics
technology department

Non-ferrous metals

The Non-ferrous metals department deals with basic and applied research related to technologies of production and use of non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

About company

Currently SVUM is a.s. a research organization listed in the Council for Research, Development and Innovation in the Czech Republic and specializing in the field of basic and applied research and development of metallic materials, plastics and composites. It has accredited laboratories and testing rooms and is one of the most important research organizations of applied material research and testing institutions in the Czech Republic. SVUM a.s. regularly participate in research projects supported by the Ministry of Education of Youth and Physical Education, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and international projects supported by the EU.


03 / 07 / 2023
SVÚM a.s. získal grant na VaV v programu Transferové vouchery 2023 od Středočeského Inovačního centra

SVÚM a.s. uspěl s žádostí o grant na projekt "Optimalizace samomazné ložiskové folie na bázi PTFE-PEEK vyztužené kovou tkaninou" v programu Transferové vouchery 2023 Středočeského inovačního centra.

14 / 06 / 2023
Schůze výboru Společnosti vědeckotechnických parků ČR ve SVÚM a.s.

Dne 8.6.2023 proběhlo ve VTP SVÚM a.s. v Čelákovicích 133. jednání výboru Společnosti vědeckotechnických parků ČR, z.s..

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