Quality management system

The quality management system includes three independent systems:

The first system

  • quality management system according to the standard CSN EN ISO / IEC 17025 includes the " Testing laboratory of material properties"  No. 1151, which was created by the merger of the Strength laboratory and creep laboratory with the scope of accreditation: testing of mechanical and fatigue properties, creep crack growth, chemical analysis of construction material and metallography. The laboratory is accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI)
  • the testing labpratory owns a Special process certification from the significant customer GE Transportation - Aviation (USA) for testing metalic materials

The second system

  • the quality management system of the Certification and Inspection Center for Welding (CISS 40) meets the  requirements of the CSN EN ISO / IEC 17020 standard and is accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI) as Inspection body No. 4050 (welding and soldering process)

The third system

  • the quality management system corresponding to the requirements of teh CSN EN ISO 9001 standard is introduced in the Polymer and fluoroplastic technology department. This system is certified  by LL-C Certification body.

Interlaboratory comparative tests

The accredited "Testing laboratory of material properties" regularly participates in interlaboratory comparative tests organized by two companies Dirats Lab Control Services (USA) and Exova Blagnac (FRA). The tests conducted by the Dirats Laboratory are a comparison between our laboratory and the Dirats Laboratory.  The tests conducted by the Exova Blagnac are a comaprison of the test results of approximately 190 test laboratories from around the world. The results  of our tests are rated as excellent.