Creep laboratory

The Creep Laboratory  (No. 1151.1) is accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI) as per CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and it holds a Certificate from General Electric Aircraft Engines.

Laboratory profile:
The Laboratory is a leading applied research site in the branch of ferrous materials and its work focuses on chem- ical and power engineering. The goals of its research are low-alloy, ferritic, and austenitic creep-resisting steels and alloys based on nickel for aeronautics, stationary turbines and chemical facilities. The Laboratory's advantage is significant capacity of the test machinery intended for testing (180 test machines are available).


Laboratory activity:

  • development of new types of creep-resisting materials, identification of the relationships between technology, structure and properties
  • creep resistance testing, mathematical evaluation of the results, formulations of the mathematical models of creep resistant properties, data extrapolation
  • service life calculations for the firing parts in power engineering and in the chemical industry
  • study of the long-term structural stability of ferrous materials
  • complex counseling and expert activity in the area of power engineering, aviation and chemical industry
  • research and counseling activity in further areas associated with the Laboratory's specialization
  • application of new creep-resisting nickel and cobalt alloys
  • utilizing the services of the creep-resisting steels and alloys property database
  • heat treatment of nickel-based alloys
  • creep-resisting property tests
  • creep-strength tests up to 1200 °C
  • identification of the creep strain characteristics up to 1150 °C
  • determination of the creep crack growth rate up to 650 °C
  • creep tests up to 1250 ° C
  • on-line records of creep strain measurements

Head of laboratory - Ing. Tomáš Vlasák, PhD.
Phone: +420 606 300 897