Non-Ferrous Metal Department

The separation of non-ferrous metals and alloys deals with basic and applied research related to technologies of production and use of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. The subject of the research is mainly alloys of aluminum, copper and magnesium for applications in electrical engineering, electronics, transport engineering and construction.


Department activity:

The research activity is focused on the use and respect of the links between the structure, properties and technologies. In the case of technologies, it is not only about manufacturing technologies but also about the technological procedures of users of non-ferrous metal products, which can significantly affect the end-use properties of the final product. Material analyzes focus primarily on the evaluation of the structure by light and electron microscopy and the evaluation of mechanical and fatigue properties using universal test machines. Within the corporate and state-supported projects dealing with non-ferrous metals department to develop new technologies and optimizing the parameters of current technological processes (extrusion, rolling, forging, casting). In addition to research and development, it provides separation of analysis of operational and material-related accidents. An integral part of these areas is counseling and cooperation with research organizations and universities.

Head of department - Ing. Vladivoj Očenášek, CSc
Phone: +420 326 509 047
Mobile: +420 608 534 619