Magnets Department

The Magnets Department deals with the research, development, production, and applications of permanent magnets. New types of ORMAKON® high-performance anisotropic magnets that are patent protected in 11 industrial countries.

Department activity:

  • suspension magnetic separators for the conveyors to remove undesirable ferromagnetic objects
  • magnetic separators and filters
  • magnets to clean the oil pipelines, product pipelines, and pipe systems
  • permanent magnets for magnetic flaw detection tests
  • magnetic clamps and chucks
  • special magnetic catches to be used at high temperatures and under ionizing radiation
  • magnets to draw out the steel objects from bores and wells
  • pick-up magnets to collect steel chips, nails and other objects from production halls and roads
  • surgery magnets to extract foreign bodies
  • magnetic couplings

The advantage of these solutions is the independence of the source of power, saving of energy, higher efficiency, performance, and miniaturization.


The Department is ready to collaborate in further application of permanent magnets as well, e.g. in electric motors, electric drives and generators, micro-wave components and medical instruments.

Head of department - Mgr. Ivo Hain jr.
Phone: +420 326 509 017
Mobile: +420 728 884 081